... they say a picture is worth

a thousand words...


families, best friends, events
per/hour rate



portraits for two, life-style, elopement
up to 40 minutes and 40 images



portraits, senior photos, hobbyist
up to 30 minutes and 40 images



coffee shop & pizza dates
in-the-kitchen baking sessions with the family
dancing in the rain



perfect length for little ones
15 minutes, 15+ images



Do you do photoshoots besides the types that are listed here?

Yes, I do! I'm always up for trying something new, so if you have a need or idea that I haven't listed, please ask me about it. You can reach me at sienamariephotography@gmail.com

Where do you shoot?

I typically have clients choose their location but am always happy to make suggestions. An additional fee is added for travel over 30 miles, or to cover permit costs where required.

Does editing come with the package?

Yes, it does! I want to make your pictures look as crisp and beautiful as possible, which is why I consider my product unfinished until I've done some work to edit them.

How will you share the files?

I use Adobe Lightroom to edit my photos, and typically upload them through this program into a shared album which I send to you. Photos can be viewed and downloaded from the album. I'm fairly flexible, though, if this option of file-sharing doesn't work for you.

What is your going rate?

It depends on the package you choose. Take a look to see which category and package would fit your needs best.

What should I wear?

Go with your personal style. But do it up a notch.
If you're boho, do classy boho.
If you're retro, do classy retro.
If you're bold, do classy bold.
You want these photos to be something you'll be proud of in any setting, so dress the way you love... just the classy version.
I'm always here to help with styling tips if you get stuck.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes - there is a $45 nonrefundable session fee (already factored into package) that must be paid upon booking. Because I'm blocking a date off when you book it, I'm making it unavailable to other people. If you cancel last minute, it's hard to re-book that time slot.

Do you shoot mini sessions?

Yes! Mini sessions are one of my favorites to shoot. They're also often the best option for families with younger kids - it's just the right length to keep everyone engaged and capture a variety of dynamic photos at the same time.
I'll keep the menu updated for the details (time, date, location) of every mini session I offer. Suggest general times that work best for you when you fill out the inquiry form (invest page) and I will contact you with the slots that are open. For this type of session, it's first come, first serve.
Note: these are non-refundable, final purchases. In case of inclement weather, I will update you with a reschedule date. Cancellation on your end is non-refundable.