Tender intimacy makes a photograph stick. A key goal of our time together is to bring you to a level of comfort where that kind of closeness is caught and experienced in your pictures.



Raw emotion is at the center of every good photograph. That's what we're aiming to capture together, whether that looks like laughing like crazy or almost tearing up. We might end up doing a little of both.



Incorporating identity is a core part of creating a vivid photograph. Your session will include a gentle flow of questions alongside the clicking of my camera as I listen to your stories and incorporate that aura in.


Untypical? Yes. Uncomfortable? No.

I'm here to put you at ease. We'll start your session without the camera, whether a pre-shoot coffee meet-up, a walk to our first location, or simply a little conversation in the parking lot. Throughout your session, we'll be engaging in both questions and activities. This can look like anything, from picnicking to dancing to swimming, depending on what you're into. My hope is that by the end of your session, you'll be joining my families in shared cuddling and laughing, or my couples in saying that it's one of the most romantic thing you've done in ages.

a photo session doesn't have to be a hassle...

step 1. To keep everything straightforward, I've divided my services into four genres. Take a look to see which one suits your needs best. Once you've picked your package, head over to the "contact" link at the top of this page.

step 2. You'll see a short set of questions. Once you fill it out, the info will go straight to me to notify me of your inquiry.

step 3. I'll get back to you with availability and answers to any questions you had. I'll also send you a questionnaire based on your package. The more detailed your response, the better I can prepare for your session.

step 4. Once a date has been nailed in and the deposit has been paid, you're all set! Over the weeks before your session, I'm here to help you with any styling tips or other questions you might have.

step 5. Photo session galore! (you'll get your photos within 2 weeks after this date unless I notify you otherwise.)